About Me

I’m Kaveh Manizad, graphic designer and design publisher. I create distinctive, emotive, memorable, and dynamic brand identities for ethical companies of all sizes. My client-list includes some of the well know million dolor companies whom have to keep their online image as excellent as their reputation.

I have been successful because I make it less about me, and more about my clients; about the direction their companies are heading and about the success they will achieve. Not only do the brand identities I design ensure my clients stand-out, they also provide visual expressions that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

I have worked in both Atlanta, Georgia and the Houston, Texas and I am now based in my own design studio in Pearland, Texas where I work with clients from around the globe.

A selection of my brand identity projects can be viewed in my graphic design page

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