Deliverables Range

Every brand identity project is different. Because of which, the individual deliverable’s must be fully understood before the designer can provide a quote.  Here follows a number of items that clients are known to require in the course of brand identity creation or redesign.


A company’s brand-mark — or logo — is often the first visual association a potential customer will have with a brand.  Consistent use of the mark across all on and offline marketing materials can boost recognition rates, help generate repeat business, increase profits, and instil a sense of trust among audiences.


Although email has largely replaced the traditional letterhead, and we don’t hand our business card as often as we once did, corporate stationery can still play a vital role in distinguishing an excellent product or service.  With a little creativity and a touch of elegance, a letterhead, card, envelope, and compliment slip can do wonders for a brand’s communication.

Style Guide

A style guide is particularly beneficial for medium-to-large-sized organizations where more than one employee is responsible for handling the visual identity.  The style guide helps ensure a consistently excellent use of the design.


Should a client require the design/development of a website, it’s likely that a third party will be brought on board.  Alternatively, web specialist recommendations can be made by the designer.

Favicon & Social Media Avatar

These miniaturized icons, overlooked by many, can drive home a brand’s essence by showing others that attention is paid to even the smallest details.


This could be a promotional brochure, an annual report, sales literature, a menu — whatever communicates the right message at exactly the right time to reach a customer.


A store front, an office reception, a billboard, from 2ft to 20ft tall, wherever it appears, signage will identify, advertise, and tell a story.


Basically, anything disposable and used for a limited time frame (e.g., paper cups, tote bags, pens or pencils).